Fastest Way To Get Consulting Clients In 5 Simple Steps
With John Logar - Founder & CEO of Consulting Unleashed
Learn The 5 Keys You Must Master To Rapidly Generate Consulting Clients.
In this short, 5-part video series John teaches you how to effectively position your offer, identifying your ideal avatar, client engagement, conversion strategy and creating your simple plan- Mastering these 5 areas will bring clarity, focus and actionable steps to your own million dollar consulting business.
What You Will Learn In This Training Series
The Fastest Path To Generating Clients Is Keeping It Simple...
One Simple 
One Clear 
One Client Engage-
menT Strategy
One Conversion 
One Simple 
About Your Host
John Logar specializes in helping consultants and digital marketers with identifying key areas for traction and growth for their agency.  John has worked with thousands of consultants and business owners to grow and scale their business.

John is a lead generation, sales and marketing expert, CEO of Consulting Unleashed, and is responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for his consulting clients. Several years ago, John identified that his real passion is in sharing his knowledge and expertise to  more small to mid-sized agencies with the mission to completely transform the consulting world through rising all ships. 

His goal is simple: To help other agency owners get out of their own way, identify roadblocks and build an agency worth being proud of.
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