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Client Acquisition 
Crash Course
Oct 16th & 17th
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$36k booked in two weeks
"I don’t want to brag or anything but John asked us… and I had my first $36k booked today. Thank you John Logar! You are awesome!."
- Denys Dubner
ZERO to Half Million in 4 Months

I was looking to increase my revenue but I didn't have a vehicle to do it. We got my agency from ZERO to the half a million mark within 4 months. The networking, the sales, the relentless methodilities that he told me to do worked... If you do what he says, it works. It's that simple
- Dan Meredith

LIVE Web Event - Saturday - May 23rd
Are You Tired of Implementing The Same Old Marketing Tactics?
If you're like many of the entrepreneurs I've worked with...
  • You're ready to ditch the income roller coaster once and for all. Some months you bring in a round of new clients and feel on top of the world- only to feel defeated the next month when you can't keep the momentum going.  You're ready to create a consistent flow of leads and sales so that you can have predictable revenue- month after month.

  • You've got the skills, talent, and determination to build a thriving business but you can't seem to find the right strategy.​ Every day it seems like someone is pitching you a new strategy or system. You've taken so many courses and programs that your brain is overflowing with  information. You want to clear away the confusion and have a clear, simple plan of action.

  • You're ready to master your sales process once and for all. No more stumbling over objections and no more tire-kickers.  "I  don't have the money"  and "I need to think about it" are the bane of your existence. You're ready for sales calls that sell without having to feel sleazy or pushy.
  • You wear the word "Hustling" like a badge of honor, but deep down, you know that you're heading towards burnout.  When it comes to your business,  automation, and processes feel like foreign words. You're ready to create scaleable systems that will free up your time and help you take incredible care of your clients on autopilot.
  • You know that hiring a great team is the key to your next level of success, but don't know where to start.​  You feel like you're constantly pulled into running and managing every part of your business- even though it's draining you, eating up valuable time, and keeping you from being able to focus on what's most important.  
  • You KNOW that there has to be a simple, authentic way to build a wildly successful business (without chasing the latest marketing fad or spending your life savings on complicated funnels and ads. ​ Maybe you've tried paid advertising in the past but couldn't seem to crack the code. You know that you want to keep your business lean and scaleable but can't seem to find a systematic way of growing that works for you.

Let's Speed Up Your Sales Process And Close Some Deals With These Five Steps

Step 1
Find Recession-Proof Niches

Step 2
Build A List Of 
Decision-Maker Leads

Step 3
Craft Compelling 

Step 4
A Simple 5-Step 
Sales Process

Step 5
The Art Of 
Closing Deals

The most important thing your digital marketing agency or consulting business needs is the ability to acquire customers. In this 2 day event we are focusing on giving you exactly what you need to put into place to generate customers anytime you want without spending a dime on advertising.

Lets get some clients in real time  

The purpose of this workshop is for you to get a paying customer in 24 to 48 hours of implementing the training in real time so we can see real results immediately.

Are you ready to join me for the best agency client acquisition training you’ll ever attend.

    $95k Worth of Business So Far! 

    I've Closed $95,000 Worth of Business So Far, And I've Also Been Invited As A Keynote Speaker at an Industry Association AGM "
    - Liza Choa-Doyle
    We're Over $50k/mo in Revenue Because of his Coaching

    "Since I Started, Only A Couple Months, We're Now Over the $50,000 Per Month in Revenue Because Of The Coaching From Him"
    - Oguz Konar

    Day 1 : 

    10am-3pm PST

    Topic 1 - Setting yourself up to successfully acquire customers on demand 

    You want to generate clients quickly then you need to go through a simple process to outline your offer your avatar your sales process, delivery and your plan.

    Topic 2 - Build a fast list of prospects 

    There are 3 important lists to develop if you want to speed the process of acquiring new clients we will go through the creation of each list and select a target group to engage.

    Topic 3 - Craft a compelling campaign

    We'll show you how to create a compelling campaign that will open the door to a sale or an appointment to help prospects to buy your services.  We use a simple process to articulate a specific measurable outcome that is relevant and timely for your prospect list. I’ll be crafting your campaigns in real time so you can speed up your results. 

    Topic 4 - Launch your offer in real time

    We use a simple process to articulate a specific measurable outcome that is relevant and timely for your prospect list. I’ll be crafting your campaigns in real time so you can speed up your results. 

    Day 2 : 

    10am-3pm PST

    Topic 5 - Qualifying and disqualifying your prospects 

    The fastest path to helping a client to invest in your services is to quickly make sure that they and you are the right fit for your offer and that they are ready to get started on working with you now.

    Topic 6 - How to deliver a compelling sales presentation

    Your prospect is interested in what you can help them with. So I’ll step you through a 5 step sales process that will enable the client to agree to work with you.

    Topic 7 - The perfect close get the agreement signed and a deposit paid 

    This is a simple walk through of how to allow a prospect to buy and agree to signing a contract and paying a deposit on the spot and get started working with you.

    Topic 8 - The ultimate follow up and close strategy 

    Not everyone will buy on the spot so I will share a simple follow up and closing technique to maximise your ability to convert your sale.

    Topic 9 - Eliminate all the objections and make it easy to buy 

    The biggest challenge that most people have in helping people buy is dealing with objections. I’m going to show you how to eliminate all the objections so the client agrees that you are the right person to help them with your services.

    Client Acquisition Crash Course
    It's time to stop messing around and create real results to build the momentum needed for growth. Join us for this exclusive 2- day event

    LIVE Web Event - Fri & Sat - Oct 16 & 17th - 10am-3pm PST

    Normally $297

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    With all of the noise in the market it can be easy to get stuck questioning whether you're targeting the right niche, if you have a clear offer that appeals to your ideal client, if you should focus your time on delivery to keep your current clients happy…

All the while finding yourself spinning your wheels and not seeing the growth and progress you’re looking for

    and the number one way to overcome these traps is to cut through the doubt, analysis paralysis, get clear and then take consistent action.

    But with the limited time and resources you have… what actions do you take that will move the needle knowing they’re so many things that need improving upon?

    The number #1 key to overcoming these or any other obstacle you're facing is by acquiring more clients and to get more revenue flowing into your business to resource your way out of the problem (and on to the next level).

    And how do you make that happen?…

    By getting clear on these three areas and taking action:
    Client Acquisition Crash Course is for you if:
    • You want to identify your niche and create a rock solid offer that will resonate with your market and have them coming to you effortlessly. 
    • You're ready to grow a business with high income potential to generate more freedom of time and experiences that impact you and the people you care about most.
    • You're ready to put into action proven strategies that consistently generate quality sales appointments. and will have your calendar filled with opportunties to speak to people who's lives you can change while working with clients you enjoy.
    Our goal: To provide you with clarity and momentum on how to grow and build a sustainable, scalable consulting or digital marketing agency.  That you walk away knowing what you need to do to move the needle so you're no longer riding the sales roller coaster and consistently generating sales appointments that will provide you with the revenue and resources to overcome any obstacle along the journey.
    Client Acquisition Crash Course
    ZERO to $500K in 4 Months
    "My Agency Went From ZERO to the Half Million in 4 Months"
    Dan Meredith
    Just Real Business
    "He's Less Internet Marketing and More Just Real Business"
    John McIntyre
    $80K Invoicing This Month
    "I'm at My Record, $80K Invoicing This Month. Thank You... For All You Do"
    Richard Fong
    First $6,000/mo Customer Within 6 Weeks
    "Within 6 Weeks of Watching One of His Facebook Lives... I Landed My First $6,000/month Customer... then That Person Upgraded to $10,000/month."
    Jeff Miller
    4 Sales Appointments Booked From Day #2 Of A Live Event With John Logar
    "He Gave Us an Email in 30 Seconds and We Sent That Out and Got Two Sales in an Hour... And We Set 4 Appointments."
    Kyle Deering
    Stick To My Path And Product Real Results
    "John Has Helped Me Cut Through The Crap, Stick to My Path And Produce Real Results... It's impacted me financially of course.. But More Importantly it's Impacted Me on A Personal Level"
    Sebastion Thalhammer
    It all started with humble beginnings for me, really.

    Straight out of University, I made my start landing a job with a major international consulting firm.

    I studied everything I could get my hands on. Learned the ins and outs of the consulting trade while getting experience with major Fortune 500 companies (on someone else's dime). It was apparent, rather quickly, that my specialty was strategizing for growth.

    After a few years, I needed bigger challenges. So, I built by own consulting agency by starting with a list of Australia’s top 100 companies, making the goal a million dollars in year one. 

    I didn’t make a million that year.... 
    I made $1.2 Million.

    I later went on to start multiple consulting agencies in different niche markets (tourism market doing $20M+ in rev, website and sales funnel consulting $800K/mo, 10 months without a website, and several others)

    Within just a nine year span, I had spoken to 5,000 CEO's in over 140 different industries.  

    It only took a matter of minutes talking business to be able to diagnose their growing pain and prescribe the biggest leverage point.

    And while I've built my own agencies in the past 25 yrs, I've found my passion wasn't found in helping Fortune 500 companies scale bigger... 

    My passion is taking thousands of hours of experience, boiling it down and applying it directly to people JUST LIKE YOU. I help consultants that are either just starting out or those that want to accelerate their growth.
    Jeff Miller,  Facebook Group Growth Wizard
    Jeff is the founder of the Facebook Ads Agency Scaling Secrets Facebook Group, that grew from 0 to 35,000 members in less than a year without spending a dollar in ads. Jeff has created unique intellectual property, such as the "Facebook Group Engine," that helps Facebook Group owners know exactly what to post each and every day to create a dollar driven relationship with their members. And guess what? That's exactly what Jeff will be sharing on stage at Tribe of Buyers LIVE!

    PLUS Additional Surprise Speakers That Are Going To Rock Your World!
    We're excited to announce a fantastic lineup of guest experts and speakers. Keep your eyes on the facebook group (and your inbox) for speaker announcements.

    Closed 3 Deals Since We Talked With 2 More On the Verge
    Took John's advice on pitching my offer as a la carte or package deal. Working like crazy! Closed 3 deals since we talked and 2 more that are on the verge next week. Now at $26k MRR. I want to hit $50k MRR by end of the year. 
    Sean Anthony
    7 Deals in My First Month

    "John’s 90 Day Plan & Cold Email Strategies helped me figure out what level I needed to be playing at… solidified everything for me." 
    Will Wang
    Frequently Asked Questions
    • Where is this event being hosted?
    8 The Esplanade, Surfers Paradise 
    QLD 4217, Australia
    • What do I need to bring?
    Laptop or iPad that to send emails LIVE from the event.  
    Swim clothes hat, sunglasses and sunblock.
    • What if I don’t have a list of prospects?
    We will help you get a list of prospects before the event. We’ll be running a workshop prior to the event so you can maximise your opportunity to generate sales and appointments from the event.
    • Who can I contact with more questions?
    Send your questions to: support@theunleashedgroup.com
    • Can I record the event?
    We will have a professional production crew at the event and recordings will be made available for a discounted fee. 

    • Do I need to book my own accommodations?
    Yes you will need to take care of your own accommodation
    • What is the transportation to/from airport?
    Bus, Train, Airport Transfers Services and Uber 
    • What is the closest airport?
    Coolangatta airport is 30 minutes away by car or 40 minutes by bus
    Brisbane Airport has a Direct Train and shuttles to downtown Surfers Paradise 1 hour by car 1hr 30 minutes by train

    • What accommodations are available in the area?
    The event venue is Peppers Soul Resort Surfers Paradise. Incredible views and apartment style accommodations. There are several hotels in the area with great deals at: www.expedia.com, www.trivago.com, www.bookings.com
    • Will breakfast, lunch and snack be served?
    We’ll be providing morning and afternoon teas along with lunch for both days for the event and there will be a dinner on Thursday evening for all to attend.  

    It's Time to Gain The Clarity And Get Focused On Growing Your Consulting Or 
    Digital Marketing Business
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